How to choose a gaming chair?

A good gaming chair is more than just a combination of proper design and quality materials. It is countless gaming hours without neck and back pain, it is the ability to recline and doze off as in a cozy cradle, it is maximum comfort. Well, and, of course, various gamer frills, which visually and functionally emphasize – this is a “nest” of a real gamer.

Design and ergonomics

Computer chairs in terms of design are divided into classic (universal chairs with many adjustments and functions, which can be used both for office work and for games), gaming sofas (for console players) and racing. The latter are shaped like a racing car seat and are in high demand.

Gamer chair should have the most anatomical design. That is to maintain the natural position of the body in a sitting “format”. This approach allows you to be at the computer for a long time (6-8 hours, or even more) without signs of fatigue and without dangerous consequences for health. Web site 

The frame

Frames in computer chairs are of two kinds: monolithic and non-monolithic. In the first, the seat and backrest are a single structure. Such a frame is characterized by greater strength. The second – the back and seat are separated and connected by armrests or special fasteners.

Most gamer chairs are non-monolithic, which is not surprising: this approach simplifies production and reduces the cost of the product.

The frame in gaming chairs is made of metal. Metal tubes and spokes are resistant to stress, reliable and long-lasting. The most budget versions can use plywood. It is durable, but under the influence of moisture very quickly falls into disrepair.


The seat should be wide enough and soft enough so that the “phyllo” part of the player does not feel discomfort. Seats come in:

  • Concave. Allows to be placed strictly in the center without fear of accidental sliding sideways.
  • Convex. The antipode of the concave seat. It meets more often in offices and children’s armchairs.
  • Double-convex. It consists of 2 elements. The seat repeats the anatomic structure of the “fifth point” and allows you to sit most comfortably.

On the edges of the seat of most gaming seats are small, but voluminous rollers, providing additional protection against slipping.

In any gaming chairs must change the height of the seat, and in advanced models even ejection seat forward (relevant, if you do not have enough depth), and the angle of inclination (if such a function).

The generally accepted standard for the width of the seat of the game chairs is 50 cm. The height above the floor should be in the range 50-60 cm.

Anatomic backrest

The backrest should follow the natural curves of the spine. Usually it is curved in the lumbar region, but in more advanced models the back has a complex design that provides support for the right areas of the user’s back and lumbar region.

Backrests come in:

  • A back with a lumbar roll. The roller can be applied or stationary. This solution serves to support the lower spine, ensuring a tight contact between the lumbar region and the chair.
  • Vertical Corset. Consists of 2 curved vertical pieces that allow the sitting person’s shoulder blades to be fully pressed against the backrest. The design is not rigid, allowing the corset to adjust to the anatomy of almost any gamer.
  • Horizontal Corset. Represents a combination of several horizontal elements (2 or more). The upper supports the back, the lower supports the lower back. Note that in gamer chairs corset backrests are rare, but with lumbar roller are widespread.

Quality corset design backrests must have adjustable elements in height and rotation angle. In models of all designs there is also a function of reclining the back to 180 degrees, which allows you to stretch out, relax and even take a nap in them.

According to orthopedic recommendations, the height of the back of a gaming chair (including the headrest) should range from 80 to 90 cm, and width – 45-50 cm.

In any computer chair back and seat should not be perfectly straight and flat. Such surfaces do not match the human anatomy. True, most manufacturers try not to make such mistakes, but still pay attention to this when choosing.


There are three types:

  1. Built-in. This is a roller or a small pillow sewn into the backrest. Supports your head, allowing you to relax your neck muscles. And in the case of reclining backrest serves for comfortable rest and even sleep. There are varieties that are structurally separated from the backrest.
  2. Removable. They can be removed and installed on another chair.
  3. Adjustable. It is a kind of headrest with the possibility of position adjustment. In budget models it is height adjustment, and the advanced models have removable 3D headrests. They can be adjusted in three planes, allowing to choose the best position for each particular user.

In most gamer chairs the first option is most common. But for maximum comfort it is better to focus on the third option.


There are stationary and adjustable armrests. The first are installed in the budget gaming chairs and are not adjustable in any way. The latter are subdivided into 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D-armrests.

  • 1D-armrests are only height adjustable up and down.
  • 2D armrests – height up and down and angle of rotation to the right and left.
  • 3D armrests have all of the previous adjustments plus a forward-backward reach.
  • 4D armrests. They also have the added adjustment of the angle of inclination of the armrest’s surface.

There is no problem to choose – the more adjustments the better.

Upholstery materials and filling

The backrest, seat and headrests in most cases have the same covering and filling. The main types of upholstery materials are:

  1. Leather. Natural leather is pleasant to the touch, looks presentable, does not crack, easy to care for and durable. Has natural ventilation pores, so sitting on this chair does not sweat much. The only drawback is the high price.
  2. Artificial leather. Durable inexpensive material, which is not difficult to care for. Poorly ventilated, so be in such a chair in the heat is not too comfortable.
  3. Recycled leather. Inexpensive analogue of genuine leather is only slightly inferior to it in properties. Recycled leather can be given any texture and color. “Such leather breathes worse than natural leather.
  4. Eco leather. Represents embossed polyurethane, applied to a woven (cotton) basis. Durable, resistant to sunlight and abrasion. Ventilates better than recycled and artificial.
  5. Perforated eco-leather. Has a lot of small holes on the surface, which improves its “breathing” properties (models with this coating often have the word “Air” in the name). One of the best coatings for gaming chairs in terms of comfort/price ratio.
  6. Acrylic mesh or mesh acrylic. Durable well ventilated material, not subject to fading, dirt, repels water and dust, unpretentious in care. However, acrylic is tactilely rougher than leather.
  7. Fabric backrest. Pleasant to the touch, transmits air well, has a variety of colors. But it can not stand water on the surface. Most often used in child seats.
  8. TW fabric. A thin multilayer material, which provides ventilation, comfort and a beautiful appearance. Very rare.
  9. Suede. Characterized by thinness, softness, elasticity and velvety. It is resistant to water. A good option for those who like “tenderness in the relationship” with his chair.
  10. Microfiber. Has a high durability and a rich palette of bright colors. Microfiber is fully washable.
  11. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Polymer used to create synthetic leather for back and seat upholstery. Easy to clean but not UV-resistant.
  12. Carbon (carbon fiber). Carbon threads complement the main upholstery material (eco leather most often), giving it strength and resistance to abrasion.
  13. Vinyl. Beautiful wear-resistant material, which is a kind of artificial leather.

If the budget is unlimited, the best choice would be natural leather.

Often there are models with a combined type of upholstery (eco-leather + mesh or mesh + fabric). Visually looks much better than monochrome.


There are many varieties of fillings, but the most commonly used:

  1. Foamed soft polyurethane foam or memorix. A soft filler that adapts to your body (memory effect).
  2. Moulded rigid polyurethane foam. Dense reliable filler. More rigid than memorix, but it also lasts longer.
  3. Holkon (polyester). Durable and elastic filler with springy properties.
  4. Natural or artificial latex. Elastic, wear-resistant, breathable material. Outperforms competitors in its properties. Natural latex is more expensive, but better than artificial latex.
  5. Syntepon. Has a number of advantages, including: quick recovery of the initial shape, good thermal insulation, elasticity. Poor air permeability.
  6. Corolon. It is a soft filler that consists of 90% air. Over time it becomes loose and sags. Budget option.

The armrests are most often made of polymeric materials. The surface can be either textured or covered with the same upholstery with a filler inside as the rest of the chair.

There are some models that do not have any filler at all. Most often it is a plastic seat and back, covered with mesh fabric. Such chairs are lighter, well ventilated, but the level of comfort is not high.

Rocking mechanism

Allows you to tilt the chair, fixing the back and seat in the most comfortable position. There are several rocking mechanisms, but the best, in terms of comfort, is the multi-block and all its variants.


Gazlift is a gas shock absorber that allows you to adjust the height of the chair. Gazlifts come in 4 classes. The higher the class, the greater the load can withstand the gazlift. It is recommended to buy an armchair with a gas spring of class 3 (up to 120 kg) or class 4 (up to 160 kg). Although a child or teenager is suitable and gazlift class 2 – up to 80 kg.

Additional Features

And the presence of additional “chips” characterizes the chair as a gaming chair. The gamer’s throne may have such additional options as:

  • Footrest. Allows you to stretch out and relax your legs. Rest or nap in such a chair with the unfolded back is very comfortable.
  • Supports and pockets for accessories. This can be both an adjustable shelf for the keyboard, as well as cup holders and pockets for various small things – flash drives, smartphones, etc.
  • Vibromassage. Cool feature, available in expensive models. Typically the vibrator is built into the joint between the backrest and seat, but in premium models there can be a few points of vibromassage (in the headrest, for example). A nice thing to have both while playing and while resting.
  • Built-in sound. In top models you can find not just speakers, but also a subwoofer.
  • Bluetooth. Usually accompanies chairs that have speakers installed.
  • Cooling system. Built-in fans will save the owner of the chair on a hot summer day.
  • RGB lighting. Turns the chair into a “Christmas tree,” making the design of the throne as gamer-friendly as possible.
  • Mounts and interfaces (USB ports) to connect the controls. Rudder with pedals for racing games, steering wheel for flight simulators, etc. And thanks to the built-in USB-ports from the chair you can charge various gadgets.

If you are an avid car or flight simulator, then it makes sense to buy a special racing chair. If you play only in the console, you can choose a game sofa or even such an exotic as an armchair on a pedestal. True, it is quite difficult to find such rare things on sale.

Bottom line

It is clear that when choosing an armchair you should be guided by the available budget. Therefore, the gamer’s task is to choose a throne that will have as many settings and adjustments as possible. Not to the detriment of manufacturing quality, of course.

And remember: you can save money on lighting, bright design and other additional options. But to save money on the design of the chair (the back and seat should be as comfortable as possible), the quality of materials and the rocking mechanism is definitely not worth it.

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