The Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic is a daily newspaper published in the state of Arizona. It is owned by the Gannett newspaper company and is the largest newspaper in Arizona. Arizonans can purchase a copy of the Arizona Republic for two dollars each day, or three dollars on Sundays and five dollars on Thanksgiving. If you’re looking for a great newspaper that covers local news, politics, and business, the Arizona Republic may be a good choice Fwdtimes.

The Arizona Republic was first published in 1890 and has been a major Arizona paper for over a century. It was previously known as the Arizona Republican. It changed its name to the Arizona Republic in 1930. The newspaper was later bought by Eugene C. Pulliam and Charles Stauffer. During the 1920s, the newspaper was published in Phoenix, but in 1930, Stauffer and Knorpp sold the newspaper to another group that competed with the Arizona Republic. During the 1920s, the Arizona Republic also bought the Phoenix Evening Gazette, which was later renamed Arizona Weekly Gazette. In 1946, the Arizona Republic was bought by Eugene C. Pulliam, who also owned the Arizona Business Gazette Viewster.

The Arizona Republic is a daily newspaper published in Phoenix, Arizona. It is owned by the Gannett newspaper chain and is the largest newspaper in Arizona. It sells copies for $2 daily, $3 on Sundays and $5 on Thanksgiving Webeduportal.

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